Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big News!!!

Hello everyone,

Ok, yes it has been awhile since I last wrote, but I have a really good stuff is here!!! You heard me, I have belongings, I have food..I have stuff. I never have been so happy to see this random mix of my belongings in my life!

I have enough food here now to keep me and the family warm during any storm that the north can throw at us. And, I have enough toilet paper to keep us going for quite some time, maybe until the barge arrives next year. Yup, toilet paper is worth its weight in gold up here. How is that possible you ask? Your right I said the same thing, then it was described to me, it is not only weight that causes things to cost so much (remember my $50 flour), but it is also the SIZE. Ah, ok, now I get it...just another example of size really does matter :P~~ LOL

And so I have been unpacking boxes over the last week like a fiend and trying to decide where stuff should go. Yes, I know where it makes sense, but where exactly is that? Sometimes it is harder to find the "Perfect" location. One that makes sense and one where you can find the item again. How many times have I put something away in a safe location only to find that the location was so safe that even i can't find it again! I hate not being able to find stuff.

Most items have made it up here OK, I have had a few fatalities though. Only flesh wounds, but some damage none the less. I am about to start working on the moving guys to see what can be done to repair or fix the items. Hopefully it won't be as painful as the rest of the move has been.

While I have been unpacking, some of my new Watkins products have came up and I have been using the stuff everywhere. Ok, I am throwing in a name drop because I am selling the product now, but I have to admit, it does work and some of the grime it is cutting through has been around for awhile. The people before me cleaned the house as best they could, but the dude before was a bit of a slob so it should be all clean soon. It smells good in here and I didn't have to use a lot of elbow grease so I am sold.

Last weekend one of my friends went out hunting to get one more caribou and got that plus two more. I don't know how much coverage happened down south, but someone was hunting caribou using too low a caliber rifle and only wounding the critters and not killing them. Not something you want to hear. Well, my friend took two extra caribou to feed to friends (yah hoo caribou for me) and then spread the rest around. Local authorities are looking into the matter, but it is hard to say if they will find who did it.

Anyway, one of the gang found this great recipe for heart and we had this fantastic stuffed caribou heart and it was totally awesome. Michelle found the recipe at Recipe Zaar and a couple of other yummy looking ones to try like maple BBQ caribou ribs and a roast that is marinaded in gin. Hello Michelle and when are you cooking either dish so I can come and visit. People she is a totally awesome cook with venison.

This last weekend I went to another friends house and met a whole bunch of people at a potluck supper. It was nice to eat a little turkey, gravy, butter chicken, rice and whatever else was there. We had quite the spread happening and the dessert I made was a real hit. It is always nice to have people enjoy your cooking.

On the way home through I bailed on the ice pretty good. I was wandering along this one corner that I know is icy but was trying to penguin waddle over the worst of it when both feet went out from under me and down I went. It probably looked pretty funny, but I fell on my metal baking sheet. I am not sure who is hurt worst, but I have to admit we are both worse for the wear. The edge of the pan (where you carry it by) is bent and the underside of my arm has some really pretty colours. Some of which would make a fantastic shirt, but a little sore. I rattled my teeth together when I fell so I think I will be happy to go to Yorkton at Christmas and get a massage and see my chiropractor.

Things have been awesome to watch on the bay. People are skidooing across and kite skating. Yup kite skating, it is skating with a big kite. Apparently the dude is quite good at it and he was going quite fast so it looked like fun. The locals are starting to watch for seals (I would so like to see one) and my friend has started skijoring with her dogs. it is like dog sledding only you are on skis...the dogs in front and you ski for your life to keep up while they pull you. It can be fun, but my friend described a bail and I would say they are something to watch!!

Well, my family has set the day and we are all doing our work to get ready. My Mom getting the last of the stuff for here (light bulbs are tough to find) and I am cleaning and unpacking. They will be up in late November and I am going to make a trip out to meet them and bring them back. I am getting so excited and my son is trying to wheel and deal for a grader. Little muchkin wants a toy grader and he said when he comes north that is when he should get it....turkey.

Next week I am going to be having a candle party/housewarming and I am looking forward to having people over here now that I am organized and have some stuff to serve people on. I get to be a hostess, that will be nice as I will be able to pay a few people back as I have been going to other people's houses for the last two months.

Ok, it is getting late and I am ready for bed after my cleaning and tomorrow I will hit either my Mom's room or mine and get that done so that I am ready to have guests. I do have to admit I do have to do something with the boxes outside soon as I have just been unpacking and throwing them out. It is looking rough out there :P~~

Ok everyone, take care and don't work too hard this week. I am going to do a little hard work to finish up the house so I can play with my son once he gets here. I miss him so much and I hope I never have to spend this much time apart from him again. I cry every time I talk to him, but sometimes you have to sacrifice right?

I will talk to everyone again soon.



  1. Greetings Mz Kelli, I found your Blog from John Phipps site. I will look forward to your post. The Pioneering Spirit has always inspired me. Be Safe and sounds like things are going well. All the BEST,!!

  2. Thanks James,

    Sorry about the delay in posts, but I have no home computer right now and I am trying to fit this into my work schedule. THings will improve with time ;)

    Tare Care