Thursday, October 1, 2009

my life is...predictable

This is a picure of the coast guard ship 2 weeks ago in the bay. We had calm water.

This is the view out my living room window last Friday when it began to snow fairly hard. Right now it has melted a bit, but the snow is here to stay.

Wow, It is October 2nd and I can hardly believe I have been here in Cambridge Bay for over a month. Life really does pass quickly as you get older...yes Mom, you were right.

The last newsletter had me still wondering when my stuff was going to leave Saskatoon and how food mail works. Well folks, this week I have the answers...and they aren't as bad as I thought.

So, my precious possessions...they finally left Saskatoon September 28th and have begun the journey to join me in my new home. I never thought I would ever be able to write those words!! We have worked out a deal with the movers (part of the reason things were still ongoing) and I will only be held accountable for 1/3 of the money. Actually my employers are saying that they are going to help me cover the cost. I am very honoured by that offer and am glad that the moving company took some responsibility for things. I know that everything was a chain reaction, but someone had to start the ball rolling. I know enough griping already, and I can party that things are on the way up.

Now I hear that as long as my stuff in Edmonton (which was its next stop) life will be good. My stuff was to be taken from the warehouse to Edmonton where they are going to pack it onto flats, wrap it and get it ready for the flight. I am still not sure how they are going to take 500 lbs to prep my stuff for a flight, but I guess time will tell. And believe me when I say I am going to be some pissed if my stuff comes in under 3000 lbs at the airport. I have had some discussions here and I think we will be saying some words to people if that happens after all of this. It took a lot of work to get 3000 lbs off the load, my family did it, but without proof that the total weight was 7000 lbs to begin with I remain sceptical. There will be a lot of weighing of things when it finally gets here.

On that note, it could be today or three months before I see my stuff. There is no firm date on how long it will take to get things here. Once it is with the airlines, it depends on room on the flight as to when things will get here. I guess I want my stuff to stay in Edmonton and not come to Yellowknife and hang out there. Once on in Edmonton it will stay on until it gets here. If it gets taken to Yellowknife it could hang out there forever before it gets here. LOL, I wanted to downsize in my life, but a few movies would be really nice. I think once things get here (whatever it is) I am going to feel like a princess with all of my clothes, even if they aren't ball gowns :P~~~

Food mail, well, that is like getting presents at Christmas. You get these boxes that you pick up at the airport and then you open them up and see what you got sent...and what you didn't. There is no guarantee that you will get everything that you asked for. Like I didn't get any Rice Drink, blue cheese, and there was something else but I don't remember, it was that important. I did get coffee though so life turned out OK. I LOVE the Great Canadian Coffee from Extra Foods/Superstore. It is like the cheapest coffee you can get, but it tastes so good in the morning. I love that sometimes the best things in life can be the cheapest.

My fresh food items came individually wrapped and it was like picked up an item, tried to guess what it was and then opened it up to see if you were right. LOL I can't wait to play that game with my son when he gets here. It is going to be too much fun!

I began to make my own bread this last two weeks and have been having fun doing it. I finally broke down and bought a 10 kg bag of unbleached flour worth $50 at the local co-op. Yup all you farmers out there, we pay 50 bucks for flour. I had to cough a little, but what else am I going to do? I don't know when my stuff will be here and I want to do some of my own baking so, ya gotta do what ya gotta do ;)

Last Saturday there were rainbows in the sky everywhere I looked. The ice crystals in the atmosphere were reflecting the sun and it was spectacular. I have finally found software to help me downsize my images and look forward to fixing up some images this weekend to post on Facebook so everyone can see what I see. But in the mean time here are a couple of examples of what I see around me.

Life itself is quiet right now and predictable. That I can handle right now, this 6 months has been enough of an upheaval to settle my need for excitement. I still like the adventure, but a little more control is better. This simpler life also means that there is a lot less consumerism going on. I do shop on line, but it not like there is a mall around the corner will tonnes of opportunities to get impulse items. I kinda like this.
Well folks I will sign off for today and I hope this leaves everyone with a smile on their face and looking forward to the weekend. Talk to you all next week.


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