Monday, October 5, 2009

Couldn't wait to post these :)

Hi everyone, I couldn't wait until Friday to post these. They are all out of order, but I haven't figured out how to reorganize once I get them in here....time will fix all of that. Have fun with the photos :)

Doris and I got these Muskox fairly close.

Michelle and I chill'n in the Arctic Sun

Muskox - this dude is hanging out by himself. He is actually pretty big, it is hard to tell by the photo, but he is a healthy male speciman.

Muskox herd we saw and just had to take photos of, Doris and I went flying across the tundra on a quad to get images. I will post more as I get them resized.

Another of our big friend....isn't he cute? A friend of his tasted really good last night as a burger

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