Monday, October 12, 2009

the week the smell stopped!

Hi everyone, Ok I am a little late with my Friday post, but it has been a week of adventure and a long weekend to boot.

Last weekend I went out hunting with Doris, Monique and Michelle, and all we managed to find was a couple of herds of Muskox. Doris and I went off to get some of the pictures I posted last week and it was totally awesome. When we came back we ate some muskox burgers (i will have to get some of those). they taste fantastic on the BBQ and when I come south I will be bringing some of the local food for everyone to try out.

The big news this week was that I had a huge problem with my sewer! A big problem in the fact that the smell would not stop no matter what I did. It all started Wednesday night...I thought the truck had been to pump out the tank so I did my usual flushing of the toilets to stop the smell. Well, I was totally wrong. Through the night I began to dream about sewer gas...eventually I woke up to the horror of sewer gas in my room. The gas was coming from the toilet just off the master bedroom. Well, I moved rooms and finally got back to sleep. It was totally rude, and as it was pointed out to me, I created it all. What a wonderful thought. Well, the house was landlady tried to get the guys into fix it Thursday, but to no avail. I actually had a "moment" Thursday night as I got ready to go over to her house for the night. I have to admit I threw a pity party with my Mom. I was crying on the phone after talking to my son, having the house smell like a sewer, no stuff, no family, having to leave the house and coming up to a long weekend. I started to break a little. I knew it was probably lack of sleep and lack of oxygen, but it was still kinda depressing that this just wasn't working.

Well, the plumber came through on Friday and it turns out I have had a cracked toilet this whole time! Yup, it was a cracked toilet, which is what my friends plumber dude figured it house no longer smells like a sewer!! It is fixed before my family gets here and life is good again. I am laughing over the issue again, but it was just too much the other day.

This weekend I celebrated the long weekend by starting at the elks for a few drinks with the girls. i didn't have too many, but enough that I felt it tin the morning. I am not as young as I used to be any more :P On Saturday Monique, Doris and I headed out again, but Doris wasn't feeling well so we brought her back and Monique and I hung out and watched a movie. I had a great conversation with my Dad and then it was bedtime again.

Sunday I decided not to go out with the girls but hang out at home. They ended up getting 3 caribou and so we had a northern Thanksgiving with Caribou which they supplied and I supplied some homemade bread and some lovely fruit crisp. The recipe turned out great (first time I ever used it from Canadian Living website) and some bread. It turned out very good and my Watkins cinnamon tasted great.

So this week I also decided to start a home business and that is selling Watkins up here. I will be setting up a website and both Mom and I are going to work at it in our spare time. I am looking forward to it and we are going to do some crafts and baking to fill the time. I was told today that as long as you can keep yourself busy during the dark period time will pass faster. I am also going to do some recycling crafts to sell and see what happens. Some of my photos I plan to sell and just see what takes off and what people like.

I am so enjoying being done at the end of a day and not having to worry about meeting deadlines by doing overtime. I can explore my crafty side again, although it would be very nice to have the rest of my stuff :P Oh yes, my stuff should be waiting for a plane at the Edmonton Airport and coming up any day now. I still hope it comes sooner than later.

What else happened this last week, I got Internet at home. Work is getting busier, I want to run a home business and so it was time. I have also figured out that all my photos need to be resized to be able to fit quickly on facebook. Some day I will figure out more of those bugs.

Today I went for a walk with Sophia and her 3 dogs...they are so fun and Bill the puppy is too cute. I have said I would see if he and my son will get along, but we shall have to see if they want to keep him first. I am seriously considering getting a cat for us to have up here but the SPCA doesn't have a lot of those critters "in stock" so we shall have to see what is there when my family comes up.

Well, that about sums up my week so far. It has been fun and issues are still getting sorted out. I love the north and feel so comfortable here. Everyone is so nice and their stories are fun. Oh yah, I have found a partylite rep (candles, pretty smelling candles) and on the 30th I will have a party and begin the whole thing up here for real. We will include it as a bit of a house warming and I am enjoying re-organizing the house right now to make it work for us. Not sure the desk will stay where I have it now, but I would like it to be in the living room. Ah well, it gives me something to do to pass the time in the evening while I wait for my stuff.

i hope everyone has a great week and I will write again on Friday. It is a 4 day week this week and it will fly by. We have enough snow for snowmobiling here now and quading is coming to an end. temps are around -10 Celsius.

Take care and I will post more photos soon.


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